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You have a voice. A message.

A metric fuckton of skills and knowledge and joy and passion and smarts and you know, you know, it’s your calling to use your powers for good.

Nothing makes you want to dance down the street more than knowing you took someone’s life from ho-hum to hell yeah.

The problem?

How to tell people about it in a way that gets them excited and leaves you feeling ah-may-zing too.

Work with Me

Let me tell you a secret …

Finding the right words matters. You know that already. Copy that zings off the page is vital for any entrepreneur who wants to stand out in a sea of rosegold-MacBook-laptop-lifestyle cliches …

… but it’s not the whole story.

The real secret to your success is YOU.

Knowing, and owning, what makes you brilliant? That’s how you stand out like a welcoming neon coffee shop sign on a rainy night.

Because when you step out of the shadows into confidence and ease, you’re unforgettable. You feel confident charging what you’re worth. You can show up in any online space all *hair flip* yes I’m awesome.

Your Weird Is Wonderful is a bespoke, highly personalized, copywriting and coaching service designed to help you find, nurture, and express your Weird.

Exhale that tension, beautiful. Your days of self doubt and wondering how the eff to talk about what you do, are over.

Let’s get you on the page in a way that leaves you feeling like you were just crowned Queen of fucking everything, and leaves your customers wondering where you’ve been all their lives.

I call that a win-win.

Now, which of these best describes you?


Wondering what the hell your “weird” actually is and more importantly, how it gives you a unique voice AND connects you to your ideal peeps? Let’s find it together! Love Your Weird is a 90 minute coaching experience designed to leave you feeling confident and ready to show the world what makes you magnificent.

I’m ready Tris!


You’ve got copy. But something isn’t right. Your message is muddied, or your clients aren’t responding the way you want them to (i.e. not running at you screaming “shut up and take my money!”

You’ve got a sneaking suspicion your copy isn’t at its most vibrant. Time to bring in the copy rescue team (and by team, I mean me.)

Make my words better!


You know you need words but damn you wish someone could just magic them your way. Take a breath, beautiful. I got your words. Express Your Weird is a bespoke copywriting service with just the right amount of coaching mixed in, to make sure that you don’t just get grab-em-by-the-heart words, you get the confidence you need to wield them.

Gimme those magic words!



I’m Tristan

I geek out over helping big-hearted entrepreneurs (I’m hollering out to you my coaches, strategists, creatives, therapists, advisors and healers of all shades) unleash, express, and nurture what makes them unique. The result? You love what you do, they love what you do, everybody wins. And we like when everybody wins.

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Client Love

  • Trusting my brand voice to another was not an easy decision, but my only regret is that I didn't find you sooner! You immediately put my fears to rest, as you're an absolute dream to work with. Your process for truly getting to know your clients and their brands results in truly exceptional copy. Working with you was the most fun and laugh-filled time I’ve had while working on my business and I cannot thank you enough.
  • Tristan’s copy blew me away. She painted such an amazing picture of exactly what I was trying to portray that I read it aloud with laughter and glee – and she did it with style! I’m fortunate to have her as my go-to copywriter.
  • Working with Tris was amazing! It was as if she was in my head at times, her copy was so on point!
  • Best money I have ever spent. The love and support and gentle kind encouragement alone were worth everything.
  • You’re magical – you can write anything!
  • I did not feel at any time what I had created was not good enough but rather that it could sparkle even more and you showed me how. Your ability to maintain my voice and intent is amazing, and you're so easy to work with.
  • I can’t tell you how long I had been dreaming of you…searching high and low for someone who ‘got’ me, who was super fun to work with, understood the world of coaching, and who could deliver copy as though it were my own AND on time.